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Building Healthy Family Relationships

Family, this word uncludes immediate family and relatives that you may not interact with as often. Building healthy family relationship is very important.

It is in a family that we first learn to interact with our world and the people in it. The word family is generally defined as a group of people with a degree of kinship either by blood, marriage and even adoption.

In an ideal home each child is loved unconditionally and nrtured into a virbrant and healthy adult. This person will be able to develop lasting relationship with other outsides of the family unit based on what they learned at home.

Having healthy family relationships will set the stage for the rest of a person’s life.

Although what is thought of as the traditional family has changed in the 21st century building healthy family relationships has not. As a matter of fact with the advent of more and more blended family (like the Brady bunch) and gay and lesbian parents as well as single parents homes it is even more vital.

All families have their highs and lows. What blocks or even destroy families are the fester hurts and angers that are never deal with directly. We are no longer content as a society to hide feelings, whether good or bad, and this can help to build healthy relationships if it is handled in a constructive manner. No longer are children content to be seen and not heard. Giving each member the right to voice how they feel is a great place to start healing the riffs in a family.

You could say that communication is the key to healthy family relationships. Families that have family meetings often to clear the air will keep down a lot of mistrust and confusion. Parents remember, “Because I said so” is really not a answer. By explaining the reasoning behind a decision you also teach your child how to follow a logical thought process from beginning to end.

If you start to communicate with your child and spouse early on you will stand a better chance of fostering healthy relationships but even if you failed in the beginning it is never too late to heal any wounds and begin a new. Making a few small changes in our own outlook on the world and how we interact with other can make a lot of difference in our own families.

One of the key hindrances of healthy family relationships is our inability to listen to each other. Most often people are busy formulating a rebuttal designed to defend themselves or what they want than actually paying attention to what is being said. Effective communication also includes active listening and this is a skill that has to be learned and praticed to be effective.

You may not be on speakings terms with certain family members but they will always be a precences in our lives. The best way to maintain good relationships is to never let it go to this point. Learn effective ways to communicate your feelings without blaming and you can could be the one to set things on the path to wholeness and healing within your family.

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